GSIM 2020

Welcome to the virtual version of GSIM 2020! The Graduate Students in Music Conference (GSIM) is an annual academic conference run by a committee of graduate students in the music program at The Graduate Center, CUNY. The 23rd edition of GSIM, originally scheduled for March 2020, will now take place virtually, through our website. This page allows our presenters to share the research that would have been presented in March–now digitally and asynchronously.

This page will continue to be updated as more digital content becomes available. Feel free to scroll down and browse the materials provided by each presenter relating to their research. The presenters are grouped into five panels. If you have questions or want to get in touch, feel free to reach out to the presenters via the email addresses provided. Further questions may be addressed to co-chairs Kristi Hardman and Drake Andersen at CUNY.GSIM [at] gmail.com.

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Investigating Genre(s)

Genre Borders in Post-Genre Music: A Case Study of the Ecstatic Music Festival
Anna Reguero (Stony Brook University)

• • •

Detective Duets: The Intersection of Film Noir Tropes and Musical Comedy Conventions in City of Angels (1989)
Jason Witt (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

• • •

Rebel Grrrl: Punk Aesthetics and Musical Egalitarianism
Blake Ritchie (Rutgers University)

Analyzing Performance

At the Intersection of Text and Improvisation: Referents in the Palimpsests of Jazz Performance
Sean R. Smither (Rutgers University)

Link to presentation script | Link to presentation slides | Link to audio examples

Email: sean.smither [at] rutgers.edu

• • •

Clarifying the Nature of Non-Isochrony and Microtiming in Funky Grooves
Michael Bruschi (Yale University)

Email: michael.bruschi [at] yale.edu

• • •

“Profane Deliriums,” or a Proposed Grammatical Model of 18th-century Luso–Brazilian Love Songs
Mítia Ganade D’Acol (Indiana University)

Music on Stage

New Set, New Design: The Roller Sketches for the Vienna Court Opera, 1903-1907
Greg Eckhardt (Southern Methodist University)

• • •

Comparative Scholarship: Moving Beyond Suggestive Music Theory
Makulumy Alexander-Hills (Columbia University)

Sounding Race and Nation

Piano Is Chinese
Minato Sakamoto (Duke University)

Link to video of presentation | Email: ms855 [at] duke.edu

• • •

Julius Eastman and Black Breath: The Sonority of Blackness Otherwise
Isaac Jean-Francois (Columbia University)

Link to video of presentation

• • •

“Die Schwarze Germania”: Race, Gender and Monstrosity within Rammstein’s “Deutschland”
Laina Dawes (Columbia University)

Networks and Communities

Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro: A Study of Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies
Ari Marcus (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Email: amarcus [at] gradcenter.cuny.edu

• • •

Transatlantic Crossings: Nadia Boulanger and Marion Bauer
Blaine Brubaker (University of North Texas)

Link to presentation script | Link to presentation slides | Email: blainebrubaker [at] my.unt.edu

• • •

Material Subjects: Jules Gimbrone and Alvin Lucier
Matthew Weisberg (Brooklyn College)

Link to presentation script